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Once approved on a property, please follow the following:

Holding Fee:

Executive Style Property Pty Ltd will need to receive a holding fee of one week’s rent, this is to secure the property and will apply to your first weeks rent at the time of signing the lease, the balance of bond and rent owing can be paid before signing the lease.


Pay Advanced Rent and Bond:

The tenant is required to pay 2 weeks rent in advance, plus 4 weeks bond. Total of 6 weeks, If the tenant has paid a holding fee of 1 weeks rent, then the total minus the 1 weeks holding fee.

(Residential tenants pay a Bond (4 weeks rent) to the Rental Bond Board, which is part of NSW Fair Trading. Your bond is held as security in case you don’t follow the terms of the Residential Tenancy Agreement. It isn’t paid to the landlord or to the residential property manager, Executive Style Property. you’ll receive notification from the Rental Bond Board that your money has been deposited with them, after you vacate this is returned if there are no repairs or rent arrears owing to the landlord)


Lease Agreement and Condition / Inventory Report Signing:

Once the full amount owing of 2 weeks rent, plus 4 weeks bond is paid, only then the Lease Agreement can be signed,  this should be done within 7 days of paying a holding fee.



The tenant must ensure they organise electricity, gas, phone and internet or any other utility BEFORE MOVING IN as this is not the responsibility of the Agent/Landlord, some electricity companies can take up to  24 hours to connect  electricity.

Advise Building or Strata Manager:

The move in date must be advised to the strata/building manager BEFORE MOVING IN, the strata/building manager can impose penalties if the rules/strata by laws of the building are not followed, examples of rules are: Not moving in early morning or late afternoon, as other building residents are leaving or arriving home from work, or advising the building manager to fit elevator lift curtains to protect the elevator from damage.



The landlord is only responsible to supply a set of keys for each tenant on the lease, if additional keys are required, this is at the cost to the tenant.

Repairs / Cleaning:

The property will be cleaned and any nessesary repairs carried out before moving in, however if you noticed anything on inspection that you want attention, please advise the agent.


Pre Inspection and Routine Inspections:

A property condition report and/or Inventory list is used to determine the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy, you are required to make comment, sign and return the document to Executive Style Property within 7 days of starting your lease, the document will be filed with your Tenancy Agreement and used as evidence of the property condition at the end of the tenancy.

Routine Inspections are made at regular intervals (max 4 times a year) the primary role of these inspections is to advise the owner of the condition and care of their property and any necessary maintenance. This is an opportunity for a tenant to advise any maintenance required, photos may be taken by the Property Manager during the inspection.


Repairs and Maintenance: 

If something in the premises breaks down, leaks or needs fixing you should contact or office first via email, this can be done using the online maintenance request form on our Executive Style Property website, detail what the problem is and when you will be home for a tradesman to attend the property, work requiring trades people firstly need to be approved by the landlord, once approval has been obtained, a work order is forwarded directly to the specific tradesperson, who will then be in direct contact with you to arrange a convenient time to attend the property.

Please note that the landlord is not always obliged to fix every small thing in the property. They only need to keep the premises in a reasonable state of repair considering the age of the property, the amount of rent you are paying and the prospective life of the premises.

The tenant is responsible for doing things like replacing light bulbs, changing the smoke detector batteries, cleaning windows, dusting, removing cobwebs and routine garden maintenance such as watering, mowing and weeding.


Emergency Repairs:

The legislation is specific about what constitutes an emergency repair and it’s important that you know that should the issue NOT be deemed an emergency, you will be responsible for any extra fees charged, an emergency repair is something that is likely to cause injury, undue inconvenience, or which makes the property unsafe or insecure. For e.g. burst water service, blocked or broken toilet, serious roof leak, gas leak or dangerous electrical fault.


What Can I Expect From Executive Style Property?

We make sure each and every query on the phone or online gets personal attention.

Our Property Managers at Executive Style Property understand the importance of a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship between tenants (you), landlords (the property owner) and agents (us). We focus on making sure any repairs, maintenance or refurbishments are done efficiently and on time for you.

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