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Our Property Management Services

We operate on a different business model. Our unique business model delivers the following point of differences and benefits to our clients:

  • Above market rental returns achieved through our extensive network and database of executive clients and corporate rentals coming from domestic and international companies such as McKenzie Group, Deloitte, Bain and Co, KPMG, PWC, banking industry, law firms, consulting firms, and research/education and reputable relocation agents.
  • With your furnished properties, personal usage and enjoyment of your property can be arranged between tenancies.
  • Direct engagement with experienced directors of the business. This means no more waiting for the “right person to call you back”.
  • End to end property manager – One property manager to look after your property from marketing, leasing, routine inspections, maintenance, outgoing inspections, property cleaning and bond refunds.
  • We pride ourselves on providing thorough and professional handling of bond refunds. This means any possible damages are properly accountable to the tenant, before release of bond funds to the tenant.
  • Prompt replies to all calls and enquiries.
  • Market rental reviews, conducted 2 months prior to lease expiry (by law, tenants are to be given 60 days notice for any rent increase).
  • Tenant Settling in Report provided to owners within 2 weeks from start of tenancy. We conduct a general follow up in the first 2 weeks with your new tenant, to ensure a smooth settling in transition. This will ensure a good harmonious working relationship between your new tenant, our agency and you, being our client. 

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